"I started attending Julie's prenatal class in my 19th week of pregnancy as a way to keep active. After the first class, I was hooked & continued to attend into my final weeks of pregnancy! Julie has a wonderful, mindful way of leading class that somehow matched exactly what my body needed throughout my pregnancy. It helped me gently stretch and maintain strength, as well as work to be aware of my breathing in preparation for birth. The classes helped me feel more connected to my body and my baby. I am already looking forward to classes during future pregnancies."


- Ellen K.

"Practicing yoga under the guidance and care of Julie has opened me up to the possibility of trust and transformation. 
Julie’s classes have a vibrancy and life to them which has encouraged me to rediscover my love of the essence of Yoga and for this gift, I am grateful. 
As a veteran schoolteacher, I’m aware of the qualities necessary to be an effective teacher. Knowledge of content and expertise is crucial, of course, but it’s the 
ability to engage students that makes the subject of study come alive; 
Julie has a firm command of both. 
She is warm and welcoming to all of her students, prepared and enthusiastic and her energy is contagious and incredibly appealing! 
Julie’s devotion and  discipline is apparent and her confidence in her ability to translate her knowledge to her students is appreciated.
Her sequencing and pacing are flawless, and the transitions between postures is smooth and subtle; this I happily noticed during my first class with Julie. 
Julie’s teaching is dynamic and responsive; she uses what energy is present in the room and adapts and responds to it for the benefit of her students. 
She does this consistently because she is connected; she notices when the energy shifts and changes with it. That quality is rare and refreshing in a teacher. 
Julie’s mastery of breathwork and postures and her inherent love of yoga is inspiring, but it is her ability to connect that keeps me returning to her classes and her twice monthly Moon Gatherings. 
Julie has a presence and energy that one feels the moment you meet her and only continues while attending her classes. 
Julie customizes her classes with clarity and compassion. She is quick to invite her students to either challenge or modify a particular pose with props and breath. 
Our safety and comfort is a priority for Julie, while assuring us that Yoga is an ongoing learning process as she provides endless possibilities for growth.  
“It comes, it goes and the next One is new.” These are the words that Julie spoke to us in class which encouraged me to continue my practice and to explore my re-discovery of yoga. 
These comforting words are also ones I return to over and over in my life. Julie’s warmth, patience and generosity of spirit along with her humility and grace have allowed me to not only deepen my practice of Asana, but more importantly have encouraged me to open my heart and bring more love and joy into my life. 

- Donna H. 


Phone: 302-276-4492           Email: julie@well-by-nature.com           Instagram: @well_by_nature