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Self-Care Routine for a Mind-Body "Reset"

September 9, 2018


Sometimes we all need a little reset-- an opportunity to clear the mind, lift the spirits, and harmonize the body. Here is a self-care routine I put together for you to do just that :)


Yin Yoga Flow for Mind-Body Harmony

- Meditation in easy seat (5min)

- Chin to chest & ear to shoulder neck stretches (3min each)

- Butterfly (5min)

- Caterpillar (5min)

- Sphinx (5min)

- Child’s pose (5-10min)

- Pigeon (5-10min per side)

- Bananasana (3-5min per side)

- Reclining twist (5min per side)

- Supta baddha konasana (5min)

- Shavasana (10+ min)


Self-Acupressure for Relaxation & Stress Relief

Meditation cradling Spleen-16

- Interlace fingers but leaving thumbs extended.

- Place interlaced hands on the abdomen, with thumbs flesh with the triangle at the base of ribs.

- Breathe deeply and mindfully. Notice the rise and fall of the abdomen.

Shoulder Hold

- Place your hand over the opposite shoulder, then curve the hand so that the fingers press into Gall Bladder-21.

- Hold for 1-2 minutes.

Neck stretch

- Interlace the fingers and place the hands behind the neck.

- Gently press the chin toward the chest, stretching the back of the neck.

- Hold for 1-2 minutes.

Gall Bladder-20

- Place the hands on the sides of the head with the fingertips pointing up and the thumbs facing the back of your head.

- Bring the thumbs to the base of the skull and apply pressure to the indentations that are about 3 inches apart at the base of the occipital bone.

- Apply pressure for 1 minute.


- Place your fingertips toward the back of the jawbone.

- Clench the jaw and take note of the muscular area that is activated. Place fingers here.

- Release the jaw tension and use fingertips to apply pressure to this area (Stomach-6).

- Hold firm pressure for 1 minute and then 30 seconds of gentle pressure.

Governing Vessel-24.5 & Conception Vessel-17

- Place your right middle fingertip at the indentation between the bridge of the nose and the brow bone (Governing Vessel 24.5).

- Place your left fingertips at the indentation on the breastbone at the level of the heart.

- Hold these points and breathe deeply for 1-2 minutes.

Relax in meditation holding Ganesha Mudra

- Come to an easy seat. This can be on the floor, in a chair, or on a meditation cushion.

- Bring the palms of the hands together, then spin the hands so that the palm of the left faces you and the palm of the right faces away.

- Curl the fingers, hooking the hands together.

- Breathe mindfully.


Aromatherapy for Harmonizing the Body & Balancing Emotions

Ylang Ylang

- Stress & anxiety relief

- Lifts the spirits

- Light floral aroma

- Supports hormonal balance


- Grounding & calming

- Woody, earthy aroma

- General tonic

- Supports a healthy nervous system

Blending the two offers a balance of the uplifting effects of Ylang Ylang and the grounding effects of Vetiver to create a harmony of Yin and Yang energies.

- Rub oils between hands.

- Cup hands around your face.

- Breathe deeply.

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