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Intuitive Movement

June 16, 2018


I am often struck with an overwhelming appreciation for my healthy and able body.  My yoga practice brings me to this feeling, but also my trail runs, rock climbs, hikes, and farm work. 


What a blessing it is to have a full range of motion. Beyond ankle flexion or shoulder rotation, I have the full range of motion to move about my life unencumbered by the body that carries me. I have the full range of motion to move and shift energy that flows through me. I get to move freely and with ease as my body adapts to the world around her. 

Many of us share this privilege. And I urge you to come to your movement practice with this attitude of gratitude. Movement is a celebration of you, a tool to move your energy, a check-in with your state of being, and sometimes a tool to restore movements that we have abandoned or lost due to injury. It is never a punishment, suffer-fest, or a negation of what you ate. Rather, movement is a joy. 


I invite you to explore your mindful movement practices and your attitudes that surround them through the following questions. Ask yourself these questions, meditate on them, or journal what comes to mind. 


1. Which movement practices feel more like play than work?

2. For each movement practice that you do with regularity: How do I feel before X activity and after X activity?


3. How do you adapt for shifts in energy? Sometimes energy flows as a waterfall, and others a shallow stream. 


4. How do you adapt your movement for your moods? How would you move on a day you're feeling excited? How do you move on a day you're overwhelmed? 









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