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May 28, 2018


Sukha is word from the Sanskrit language that really resonates with me. It describes a state of unconditional happiness and differs from "preya," a transient form of happiness. Sukha is a state of being, and not a fleeting emotion.


Sukha is a happiness that endures cloudy  days and hurtful words. It is not born of sunshine or flowers, money or notoriety. It is stable through solitude and storm, times of abundance and scarcity. 


We all lived in a state of sukha at one point. Just look at the joy, wonder, and lightheartedness of a child. Perception, comparison, and ego cloud our consciousness as we grow in life experience but it is within our power to relinquish these barriers to our own unconditional happiness. 


Meditatate and journal on the concept of Sukha.


1. What differentiates my "good" days from "bad" days? To what do I give the power to alter my mood?

2. In what parts of my day/week/month/year does sukha begin to appear? When and where do I feel at ease, at peace, and in flow? When and where do I not? And why?
















































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