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My Movement Philosophy

October 31, 2017

As a recent college graduate seeking employment in the wellness sector, I've come to realize just how different my wellness approach is from the standard. I've always been one to beat to my own drum (even creating my own major in college) but as I enter this field of work and offer my support to others on their journeys to a lifestyle of health and happiness it seems important now more than ever for me to align my work with my values and offer clarity on what I offer my clients. I could go on about all that I disagree with and why; I could tell you all that my movement philosophy isn't and that would probably be the easier. It's surprisingly hard for me to verbalize how I actually feel about movement as part of holistic wellness, it's  easier for me to tell you what it isn't. But I'd rather frame things in the positive and given movement is a huge part my life's work, it's best I provide clarity for your benefit and my own. This blog focuses on movement but look for similar ones to come on nutrition and lifestyle. This blog is a must read if you're considering working with me, as my approach is quite different and won't vibe with everyone- and that's okay :)


I refer to it as movement rather than exercise or fitness because it's a more inclusive term. "Exercise" often carries a connotation of  a routine, a scheduled plan to move in a particular way, with a particular amount of weight or piece of equipment, for a particular number of repetitions, at a particular location, in a particular outfit, etc. I call it movement because it's less intimidating and more accessible. Movement is always available to us as all we need is our bodies. There are countless opportunities to move more in our daily lives. That might mean taking breaks from sitting in a chair to squat or sit on the floor, walking during work calls, waking up with a few sun salutations instead of a scroll through Instagram, standing instead of sitting in a waiting room, etc.These micro-doses of movement are extremely important as they keep blood and lymph flowing which keeps us limber, energized, and healthy.


People tend to think of exercise as a chore, but I want to show you that movement is a joy! My movement sessions are designed to be representative of the ways we move in nature, they often resemble play more than work, and aim to open up movement patterns we've lost to modernity. I want to hear about your goals- your real goals. Not how you want to look this summer at the beach but how you want to make adventure more available to you, how you want to be comfortable sitting on the floor, or be able to pick up your grandchild. Our dedication to caring for our bodies through movement opens more opportunities in life by relieving the physical limitations of strength, flexibility, and coordination that you either have or perceive. After all, our bodies are vehicles for our souls' experience on this earth; keep that vehicle running well :)




















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