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Facing the World

July 11, 2018


 Facing the World


Eyes that can see a mile,

lips that can make a smile.


A nose can breathe the sweet scent of a rose 

and bring life from my fingers to my toes.


Skin that can glow and show-

a window to what's below.


I want you to see me,

not just the epitome-

of femininity.


No disguise

to fool your eyes.


Honest and true,

I present myself to you. 



We live in a society that exaggerates the importance of physical beauty. This creates pressure to always look your best because our appearance often seems to be our most valued, most noticed, most sought-after characteristic.


I ask that you consider this perspective in the way you choose to compliment your friends, sisters, daughters, ect., and the way you talk to yourself. Notice her intelligence, creativity, and kind heart. We are all so much more than pretty faces.



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