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Kettle Bell Krazy

May 2, 2015


I love working out with kettle bells! They've become so trendy, and for good reasons! Here's a little bit of the science behind the kettle bell series I put together...


Most of the exercises in this series are what we call functional moves. Functional movements engage multiple muscle groups and mimic real life muscle chain activation.Training this way promotes balance between your muscle groups, which helps to prevent injury! Bonus, functional moves like these get your heart pumping and burn more calories than simpler moves (such as a bicep curl or tricep extension). This translates to simmultaneous fat shredding and muscle toning. 


Happy Sweating :)


Kettle Bell Krazy

* I reccommend a 10-20lb kettle bell depending on your strength level

* Engage your core in every move

* Complete 3 sets

- 15 Kettle Bell Hops

- 15 Goblet Squats

- 15 Single Arm Swings (each)

- 20 Lunge Weaves

- 20 Kettle-Karved Abs

- 30 Figure 8's

- 25 Weighted Toe Touches

- 10-15 High Pull Burpees

- 15 V-sit Presses

- 15 Sit-Up Twists

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