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Step it Up! Stadium Workout

April 27, 2015




Take your workout to the next level on in a stadium or on a staircase. Indoor or outdoor, they're all over so no excuses here! Try out this routine for a great cardio session that doubles as leg & booty toning. Happy sweatinig!


I recommend 3-6 sets or a total of about 20mins


- Sprint Up, jog/walk down (3-5 reps)

- Doulbe Hop up, jog/walk down (3 reps)

- Single-Leg Hop up, jog/walk down (1 rep per leg)

- Single-Leg Step Up (10-15 reps)

- Fast Feet (30-60 seconds)

- Eccentric Calf Raise (10-15 reps) 

- Split Squat (10-15 reps)



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