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The Inspiration Behind Fresh Fit & Fearless

April 4, 2015



I am so excited to launch Fresh Fit n Fearless! I've been thinking of starting a blog for quite a while now, but earning my personal training certification this past March seemed like the perfect time to start it up. 

I'm eager to share health & wellness in mind,body, and spirit with this online community. 


True health & wellness in mind, body, & spirit is achieved when you show your body self-love, when you show all living beings compassion, when you appreciate life, when you realize that you're more than a drop in the ocean.


It is my hope that fitness and nutrition will foster your journey in health & wellness. I aim to not only provide recipes and workout plans, but also lessons in mindful integration of nutrition and physical activity into a fulfilling life.


Let's live fresh, fit, & fearlessly 




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