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Tapas Vinyasa Yoga 

Tapas Yoga utilizes the Niyama of Tapas, meaning "to burn." This is a vigorous and energetic vinyasa-style yoga practice designed to energize you, move emotions, release tension, have a blast, and feel empowered from the inside out!

Adventure Prep

Adventure Prep is a movement system designed to have you fit for adventure! We'll use a combination of primal fitness, yoga, conditioning, functional mobility that best suits your upcoming adventure. This is the perfect program for those training for backpacking trips, rock climbs, obstacle course races, ect. Adventure Prep training is available in both in-person and online coaching formats.

Tone Up, Tune In

This fitness program blends HIIT, strength training, and toning exercises to leave you stronger, fitter, and glowing with vitality! Even in the context of this vigorous and energetic training program, we maintain mindfulness in our movements, gratitude, and body positivity :) This is available in-person and in an online training format.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga aims to unwind the mind and unravel tense bodies, to leave you restored! This is a yin-style practice in which we move slowly, rest into asanas for long holds, and gently improve flexibility and mobility.

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