Coaching  Programs 

Physical Conditioning

Improve your overall fitness with this well-rounded, research-based approach to fitness. We'll address strength, range of motion, stability, and endurance in the combination and ratio that is ideal for your goals and lifestyle. 

Tapas Vinyasa Yoga 

Tapas Yoga utilizes the Niyama of Tapas, meaning "to burn." This is a vigorous and energetic vinyasa-style yoga practice designed to energize you, move emotions, release tension, have a blast, and feel empowered from the inside out!

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga aims to unwind the mind and unravel tense bodies, to leave you restored! This is a yin-style practice in which we move slowly, rest into asanas for long holds, and gently improve flexibility and mobility.

Guided Meditation

Are you looking for a way to center yourself, tap into your intuition, and reduce stress? Meditation is a wonderful way to accomplish this and more! I'll guide you through relaxing meditations to leave you feeling more present, calm, and in-tune. I'll also guide you through strategies to establish meditation as part of your daily routine. 

Pranayama/Breath Practice

Breath is one of the most powerful and accessible tools we have to impact our health and state of mind. There are many styles of breath practice for everything from stress reduction and meditation to athletic performance, posture, and core strength. I'll guide you through the breath practices that best suit your goals and lifestyle and provide a template for creating a personalized breath work routine.

Real Food Nutrition

Do you feel overwhelmed with the plethora of nutrition information out there? Have you noticed all of the contradictory advice and started feel lost? Are you craving a simpler, intuitive, and nourishing way to eat and enjoy food again? Let me offer guidance on your way to partnering with your body through nourishing foods. 

This isn't a "diet" or a glorified way to count calories. This is a coaching program through which I provide education and advice on nourishing foods, intuitive eating styles, healthful food preparation techniques, and targeted nutrition for your goals and stage of life.

The Comprehensive Combination

Do you want a comprehensive plan that covers everything from strength and endurance, stability and range of motion, breath practice and meditation, to nutrition and lifestyle advice? This  program blends the best of each modality to give you the greatest results in performance, vitality, stress reduction, and comprehensive health. It is presented in a written weekly plan, accompanied by a monthly meeting or video conversation or to assess progress and make adjustments.


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