About Well by Nature

The mission of Well by Nature is to support people in connecting to the body in which they live, the nature that surrounds them, and the purpose within them. 

Well by Nature advocates for mindful movement, real food nutrition, and lifestyle habits that allow you to feel your best so that you can live out your purpose with passion and boundless energy!

Meet Julie

Hello! My name is Julie and I am the founder and owner of Well by Nature. I am a functional fitness expert, a 200hr registered yoga teacher, a certified MovNat trainer, and a Pre- and Post-natal registered yoga teacher. I also earned a degree in Holistic Health & Wellness from the University of North Florida.Through this interdisciplinary program I combined courses in nutrition, exercise physiology, psychology, and environmental health to educate myself on a well-rounded approach to health and wellness. I use this academic background coupled with continuous research and lived experience to offer you a research-based approach to movement, mindfulness, and nutrition coaching. 

In addition to my work with Well by Nature, I am proud to among the small team of regenerative farmers at Coverdale Farm Preserve. I love working with the earth to produce healthful food for the community in a way that respects the land through gentle, regenerative farming techniques. 

In my free time I enjoy trail running, rock climbing, foraging, practicing yoga,  researching holistic health, and spending time with my husband and two dogs :)

The Vision of Well by Nature

Well by Nature currently operates as an online and in-person service for movement, mindfulness, and lifestyle coaching. We also offer annual retreats, monthly women's moon circles, and speaking engagements. The future of Well by Nature includes this and more!

In the not-so-distant future, Well by Nature aims to function as a regenerative farm, offering real food nutrition to the community in the forms of pastured animal products and organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs in a way that honors and respects the environment. 

The farm will not only be a source of nourishment, but a beautiful location for yoga and movement classes, retreats, farm to table dinners, and courses in holistic health, organic gardening, and more!

Well by Nature aims to nourish the community with the education, social support, and physical access to the tools that help us live healthy, happy, purpose-driven lives. 

If you are interested in learning more about this vision or providing support in making this a reality, please reach out via the contact information below. 

Phone: 302-276-4492           Email: julie@well-by-nature.com           Instagram: @well_by_nature