About  Julie

Hello there! My name is Julie and I am the founder and owner of Well by Nature. I am an Intuitive Movement expert, a 200hr registered yoga teacher, a certified MovNat trainer, and a Pre- and Post-natal registered yoga teacher. I advocate for mindful movement and using movement as a tool give us the range of motion to live our best lives. I have an athletic background and am always seeking challenge and adventure. This energy comes through in my teaching style as I'll often have you move in new and interesting ways and encourage you to live out your own adventures! Mindfulness and meditation are integral to my classes and private sessions as I guide you not just through asana and exercise, but also through self-study, body appreciation, and tools for intentional living. 

The mission of Well by Nature is to use movement and mindfulness as a tool to support people in connecting to the body in which they live, the nature that surrounds them, and the purpose within them. 


Phone: 302-276-4492           Email: julie@well-by-nature.com           Instagram: @well_by_nature